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Food Fix

The Food Fix refers to the “fix” the world is in as it struggles to feed a growing population. It also refers to the “fix” that innovators pursue to meet that challenge. At Food fix we talk with innovators figuring out how to better feed the world. Click to access podcasts and blogs.

gender--Girl in field

Global food systems are embedded in a social context and gender relations often determine who owns what critical assets of production; influence participation decisions as well as the allocation of benefits. Thus gender is a critical factor in the innovation pipeline, one which the GCFSI is actively inculcating into our processes.

Eric Crawford
Legume-Maize Systems in Malawi

Click to watch the recording of webinar on the multi-layered research projects in Malawi, Africa. Presenters Dr. Eric Crawford and Dr. Stephanie White talked about research background and projects implemented, “keystone” issues raised , recommendations for scaling up, estimated medium-term impacts, the relevance of findings for scaling of other crop value chains.

Frugal Innovation Practicum
Video: Frugal Innovation Practicum

The Frugal Innovation Practicum documented in this video targeted students and faculty from Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources in Malawi and from Michigan State University in the United States. This experiential service-learning opportunity allowed them to engage directly with market vendors and local officials as they sought frugal solutions to difficult problems.

Decision Support Informatics
Decision Support Informatics

The foundation of decision support is in data that is integrated, standardized, and accessible, but it is of little use on its own. Data can be transformed into knowledge by analysis, visualization, and research. This is what the GCFSI Decision Support and Informatics (DSI) Unit is designed to do.