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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists work to enhance the value of the Lab's research by identifying ways in which ICT can help accelerate the adoption of technologies.

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Global food systems are embedded in a social context and gender relations often determine who owns what critical assets of production; influence participation decisions as well as the allocation of benefits. Thus gender is a critical factor in the innovation pipeline, one which the GCFSI is actively inculcating into our processes.

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Translational Scholars Corps

The Translational Scholars Corps (TSC) was developed by the GCFSI to develop multigenerational food systems problem solvers. This program includes student innovation grants, internships, participation and presentations are conferences, visiting scholars program, and research.  

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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing is a critical component of GCFSI.  A robust knowledge sharing platform is being developed by MSU Global in cooperation with QED to share information with other HESN labs to enable us to rapidly disseminate information and create communities of practices and collaborations with other partners.

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Decision Support

GCFSI experts are combining data sources from USAID, FAO, World Bank, UNDP and a host of other sources to create a comprehensive informatics architecture to be used for research and hypothesis testing. To allow information sharing, DSI experts developed online data dissemination and GIS tools for use by USAID planners and other partners.